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Margaret Lang

Margaret Lang

Margaret Lang has retired from a full time position and is currently a Consultant across many departments at Russel + Aitken (Falkirk + Alloa).  Margaret sees clients in both offices as required.

Margaret qualified as a Solicitor in 1984 and joined Russel + Aitken in Falkirk to complete her traineeship.  She then moved north to Aberdeen and spent time there, latterly with Dundas & Wilson before returning to Russel + Aitken in 1989 as a partner.

Margaret has a specialised in both family law and employment law but has a specific interest in mediation and alternative dispute resolution

Margaret is predominantly a court Solicitor, due to her background and training, but Margaret has been involved with most aspects of the law. Margaret believes in providing a fully inclusive legal service so many of her clients have been clients of this firm and of hers for many years which allows her to be their family and/or business advisor.

To contact Margaret, please call 01324 622888 or send an email for Margaret’s attention to