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Boundary and Property Disputes

Boundary and Property Disputes

As you sit relaxing in what you think is your back garden, the mature hedges, fencing and walls defining the extent of your Kingdom, you may be blissfully unaware that the mature hedge is planted entirely in your neighbours’ land, the wall is built in breach of the title conditions and the owners of the neighbouring house have a right to walk or even drive across your land to get to theirs.

Far-fetched? Not if the reality of the disputes which go through the Courts is anything to go by. While the titles ought to rule the day, it is not unknown for the actual buildings and boundaries not to be sited where they should or, over time, an older fence or hedge is replaced by a newer model which strays beyond the invisible line in the sand. Even those who live in flats or other tenements can find themselves having arguments over common – or not so common – repairs and, no matter how much logic is thrown at it, the dispute heads inexorably to the Courts.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with such matters and while we recognise that the arguments are (usually) being made by competing parties for what they believe to be the best of reasons, Court is the last place they want or need to be. We always try to negotiate settlements sensibly, but forcibly, to avoid the further stress and expense that a Court action would bring. The watch words must be “Be prepared” and, if a Court action is the only way ahead, ensure that all other avenues have been exhausted first.

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