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Landlord and Tenant


Landlord and Tenant

Tenancy and Eviction Advice

We are well placed to provide detailed knowledge and technical expertise on Scottish Tenancy Law and offer a wide range of tenancy advice to registered social landlords, commercial landlords, private residential landlords and letting agents across Scotland.

Eviction Notices

We prepare the necessary eviction notices including Notices of Proceedings, Notices to Quit, Notices to Leave or Notices of Irritancy.  In the event that Court or Tribunal proceedings prove necessary, we guide you through the process and keep you advised at every stage.

Private rented sector

We can provide a tailored service to suit private landlords and letting agents alike, guiding and assisting you on all aspects of Scottish tenancy law, including tenant evictions.

Registered Social Landlords

We are regularly instructed by registered social landlord clients in respect of eviction actions for rent arrears and anti-social behaviour across Central Scotland.

Commercial Leases

We look after portfolios of properties for our clients; drafting and ensuring appropriate leases are in place for both Landlord and Tenant in commercial and institutional set-ups.  We also work with our clients to ensure they receive the best advice, support and value for rent review, repairs, dilapidations, termination and Landlord and Tenant disputes

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