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After you separate, you may need to agree what happens to the house in which you have been living with your ex-partner or spouse.  There may be joint or separate bank accounts that need to be dealt with, or investments, shares, pensions, motor vehicles, inheritances, ongoing monthly commitments or perhaps child maintenance issues.

If you have children and are separating, one of your main concerns will be to protect your children, to safeguard their interests and to keep things as stable as possible for them in a time of real upheaval.

We know how difficult it can be to juggle all this, exploring an agreement with your ex-partner or spouse whilst trying to push to one side the emotions which are still raw after the separation.

In mediation, you can brainstorm and explore matters in a way more detailed than in other forms of dispute resolution, tailoring a solution that you and your ex-partner or spouse really want or need financially.  Experienced mediators can give you all the legal information you need to understand your rights and entitlements in relation to your children and financial matters; but importantly can also help you see and understand first-hand the benefits of thinking ‘out of the box’.

Mediation will help the parties to focus on effective communication, develop a mutual understanding and is a perfect way of information gathering.  This allows the parties to identify common ground and to find the best way forward for them as individuals and their children.

Margaret Lang is an experienced accredited Family Law Mediator, in the event that she is unable to  act for you, then she is well placed to assist with the identifying of a suitable mediator to approach and take matters forward for you.

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