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For a number of reasons, not all children in Scotland find themselves living with both natural parents.  One or both may have died or the parents have separated.  Some children will have been taken into care and a long-term solution for their permanent welfare requires to be found.  The way to achieve this is by adoption.  By that route, a single adult or a couple will seek to become the legal parent of the child for all time coming and will be directed by the adoption order to protect, maintain and guide the child throughout the child’s life.

Current day adoption is possible by single applicants as well as by couples and is often considered when a child of one parent is adopted by the subsequent spouse or partner of the natural parent.  It gives the child a sense of belonging and permanence in the new family unit and makes that child the lawful child of the adopter for all legal purposes.

It is a process which can be complicated and involves third party agencies such as the Social Work Department, Adoption Agencies and the appointment of Court officials to investigate the history of the child and the circumstances of the adoptive parents.  It can seem at times like a minefield but is a process through which, through our experience of such applications, we are able to guide you with skill and we pride ourselves on putting you at ease through this process and allowing you to concentrate on your parenting of the child.  Most adoptions proceed as unopposed although, on occasion, the natural parent or parents may still take part in the process and that can cause delay and difficulty.  Our role is to make the whole process as painless and as swift as possible.

There is nothing more rewarding than attending the final Hearing when the newly extended family sets off on its future together and our expertise in these matters will help to get you there.

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