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Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

We provide debt recovery services for a wide variety of clients, from private individuals, including small and medium enterprises and landlords.   We provide debt recovery services for debts in excess of £5,000 or ongoing service to support your credit control requirements.  We do not deal with any actions under the Simple Procedure Rules.

The stages of debt recovery

There are several stages to recovering a debt and we aim to resolve the situation at the earliest stage possible:

  • Pre-litigation Steps – Investigations and correspondence prior to raising an action, such as issuing effective demand letters.
  • Raising a court action – Sometimes there is no alternative to raising legal proceedings. Our team is experienced in debt recovery actions and can handle all aspects of the process for you, advising you of your options at each stage and keeping you updated throughout.
  • Enforcement – If a debt remains outstanding following a court decree (judgment), there are a range of enforcement options available to you to seek to secure payment.  We will use our extensive experience to steer you towards the most pragmatic solution in every instance.

When a debt falls due and remains unpaid, it is advisable for a creditor to contact the person or organisation and ensure that they are aware of the situation.   We recommend entering into some kind of dialogue with a debtor, in some cases the outstanding debt may be due to absentmindedness on their part.  In most cases therefore a gentle reminder may be all that is required in securing payment.

There is always the possibility that the debtor is fully aware of their debt and are either refusing, or perhaps lack the financial resources, to make payment in respect of that debt.

Taking formal legal action to recover debt

If a debtor fails to make payment on an outstanding debt, and has been given notice of the consequences of their actions, a creditor may then move to raise formal legal proceedings against them.  We will advise and guide you every step of the way.

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