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Family Law

Divorce and Family

Family Law

Our dedicated and experienced team of family law solicitors provide sympathetic advice in cases involving:


Following a relationship breakdown, there are often difficult decisions to be made about children, money and property. To help them reach those decisions, some couples find it helpful to attend mediation.  This involves the couple meeting in a neutral venue, where an independent mediator will assist them in identifying issues to be discussed, exploring possible options and moving towards a mutually acceptable solution.  See More ..


If a relationship has broken down irretrievably, it is important that the financial and other consequences of the breakdown are set out in a formal negotiated Agreement. This can avoid the delay and expense of court proceedings. See More ..


When a client wishes to raise divorce proceedings, we aim to complete the action as swiftly and as painlessly as possible.  If there are no children or financial issues involved, and the parties have lived apart for the relevant period, it may be possible to apply for a divorce under a simplified procedure. Should a divorce action be raised against a client, we will advise that client on how it should be dealt with and take appropriate steps to protect the client’s interests. See More ..


When a relationship between parents breaks down, the first thoughts are usually for the children. We offer a specialist and sympathetic service to children of all ages.  We have expertise in advising and representing children both in the course of negotiations out of court and, if necessary, in the Sheriff Court and Court of Session. See More ..


For a number of reasons, not all children in Scotland find themselves living with both natural parents.  One or both may have died or the parents have separated.  Some children will have been taken into care and a long-term solution for their permanent welfare requires to be found.  The way to achieve this is by adoption. See More ..

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

As well having expertise in all aspects of married couples, civil partners, and cohabitees, and the children of these relationships, we also offer specialist advice on pre-nuptial and cohabitee agreements to safeguard existing assets and protect against problems that might arise when couples choose to live together See More ..

Postnuptial Agreements

 A postnuptial agreement is a formal written agreement between spouses or civil partners that regulates their assets and affairs in the event of separation.  Unlike prenuptial agreements, a concept with which most people will be familiar, a postnuptial agreement is entered into after the parties’ marriage or civil partnership. See More ..

Cohabitation Agreements

In recent times, an increasing number of couples are choosing to live together for long periods of time, with no plans to get married.  This is known legally as cohabiting.  In response to the increase in cohabiting couples, the Scottish Government decided that these individuals should be offered protection under the law. See more ..

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