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Divorce in Scotland

Divorce in Scotland

We offer a fixed fee service for an undefended divorce.

We understand the process in detail and can complete the necessary paperwork quickly and accurately for you, with no stress and no hassle.

Quick and simple divorces are possible – provided there are no disputes over property or children then we can offer a fixed-fee package. To see whether you’d be eligible, check the table below.

Separated for at least one year AND your spouse consents to divorce? Yes Yes
Separated for over two years AND spouse not giving consent? Yes Yes
Do you have children under 16? No Yes
Disputes about matrimonial assets? No No
Disputes about debts or finances? No No
How long will it normally take? * 6 to 8 weeks 8 to 12 weeks
Fee ** £250 + VAT
and outlays paid to
Scottish Court and Tribunal Service
£800 + VAT
and outlays paid to
Scottish Court and Tribunal Service

*This is an estimate based on past experience, although once an application is lodged with the court, the completion time of your divorce is beyond our control.
**This fixed fee is contingent on the Application being successfully served by recorded delivery post.  If recorded delivery service fails, then Sheriff Officers may be required to formally serve the Application.  In that event, there would be an additional charge for that outlay; something which we notify you of in advance.

This fixed-fee package does not cover any other form of divorce.

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